I told myself…

that i can never quit computing once i achieve the goal of moving on to being an executive… it is in my blood since i was a teenager.

Out on concern about it, i stumbled upon Ari Lemmke’s (the guy who gave the name “Linux”) linkedin profile here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lemmkeari and figured that i would start my own lab when i have the time (and plenty of wood, probably?)

I have to admit that without Linus Torvalds giving his operating system for free – i would be buying an expensive Sun SPARC hardware (from a middle-income family) during the late 90s as i encountered the Sun Workstations in the Network Operations Center in Pacific Internet  (I was a part-time employee back then). I began asking questions as i was from a Windows background (particularly Windows 95) and since Windows 95 does “everything as ‘root’ user” i was curious why Linux only allows the ‘root’ user to execute everything. I had to compile everything from kernels to libraries to programs in the shell.

It was Linux on x86 that started giving me all accesses to all the open source software that i can compile from scratch and run almost every tool that a SunOS running SPARC hardware can.

I still fancy Sun hardware till today, to my dismay i only looked upon the SPARC hardware and not the company that had bought it (Oracle – they are not friendly). Another hardware that i was a big fan of during the late 90s and early millennium is the Digital Alpha processors. It was probably like the Ferrari of processors back then.

Now, i have moved on to RISC processors and see MIPS in everyday hardware from set-top boxes to routers and on ARM on embedded and portable computers.

I felt it that i could not ‘give all in’ to working in Marketing as an Executive as there are many things that i love before should be continued on as my life as an Engineer and a System/Network administrator.

In fact, i was tying on both areas of Systems and Software engineering to work on a product that could scale ‘atomically’ on BigData.

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