In the beginning…

The reason of writing on a blog is due to having a lot of pictures that i had eversince secondary school days when i was using Linux (kernel 2.0.30)  and my personal lab at home that ran E-mail, Web and testing servers for my own.

More than a decade later, uhm… i mean now, things had gotten a bit slower for me. I became very open towards a heterogeneous computing environment where all type of operating systems lives (without taking into consideration on costs) compared to a decade ago which i was purely a Linux and C-programming language person, now i do not have an actual preference for a language (be it static typed, duck typed, procedural or object-oriented), albeit as a polyglot that loves to use .NET (given much of a choice, i only have Mono) to fit the description of a problem.

I am a networking guy who had implemented and used Appletalk (netatalk), IPX/SPX and TCP/IP (including IPv6) and protocols that we take for granted in our daily lives (Bonjour protocol) and even media and voice protocols such as SIP.

So to say, i am a Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X and Windows guy and i love working with many languages (ignoring the fact about the weaknesses – i do not like to see the weaknesses but the strengths) and had written web apps in Ruby on Rails.

Now i am showing more interest into functional languages such as Haskell, Clojure while still loving PHP Frameworks such as Laravel and the love for Java never fades because of their openness to bring forth the “niceness” to other languages for things that make JRuby (Java-Ruby implementation), possible.

Signing Off,
Muhammad Nuzaihan

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