Growing up years…


Mini datacenter when i was in late teens – From right, is a Intel Pentium 133Mhz computer serving as a webserver running FreeBSD, middle is a 486-DX2-66 running OpenBSD as a mail server and next to it is a Compaq 486-DX2-66 running NetBSD as a testing server.

Sorry for the mess in the picture. This picture was taken in 2000 and during those days, everyone was freaking out on the millennium bug but in fact in real life, it was not as severe. (I think the most impact is with the industrial control systems)

Anyway, i had moved between Ethernet to ATM networks during the time but i loved ATM better. (Most of us today are using ADSL which encapsulates Ethernet packets within the ATM cell network)

I was inspired by’s picture of their server room which is located in Peter Shipley’s house (this guy ‘invented’ what we call today the ‘Intrusion Prevention System’ or IPS). I was in mailing list (and most people tend to think a hacker list are all the “badguys” go). In actual fact, the people who are a bunch of guys from anywhere like NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – rocket scientist, hurrah!) and many U.S government agencies and these from from defcon loves sharing cooking recipes when conversations get too loud or probably a bit nasty. (I love fish!)
During that time i took the picture above, i had ported the Efficient Networks 3010 ATM interface to be used by ATMF 25 card (Efficient Networks 3010 had a similar chipset with the more old, “dinosaur” chipset like ATMF 25) and boy, that room is hot and stuffy!

Anyway, it was during my late teens that i began to discover on using crypto and i was stucked with it today with credits due to the defcon guys who introduced me to PGP.

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