There was one point that i felt that having to understand different systems and platforms came to be as a severe limitation scope of my work and had been playing with the idea to go back to software engineering.

2009 was the year i began looking into different scopes of computing as a whole when i started build an in-house prototype of a search engine. (I was spurred by curiosity when my ex-classmate talked to me about Google PageRanks). So before everyone started working on BigData – i knew it was called “Search Engine engineering” back then.

I was flouting into the idea of software engineering and once i began to understand of combining both system and software engineering, when it left me to think of it as computer science.

How do we make our repetitive tasks and cut down out time better than before that changes our lives? How do you make a software that makes another software on-demand without you actually writing it to help you? I was into this idea which was self-discovery (Lecturers may tell you but experiencing your computer doing all your work without typing is cool)

Having a background in C programming for procedural programming and having self-taught on Java (and object-oriented programming) i now enjoy typing in both duck-type languages and static-type languages, interpreted or compiled.

A friend of mine who is a computer biologist (that same guy who recommended me to look at Google Pageranks) started doing Haskell while i was still loving object-oriented Ruby. In fact, there are little differences if i were to say Ruby *has* functional-language capabilities. Haskell and Ruby makes life easier for me for things that i have to type a lot more in other languages.

Nevertheless, this is not to say Ruby, Haskell or Clojure is better than say, PHP, C# or Java but think of the beauty of how your machine works beautifully with your code. I love it so much that i do not look at the weakness of a language but rather how fast can i live my life automating almost everything i do, even in Python. I do not exclude Perl from the list as well.

I remembered about this old book “The Art of Programming”. During these few years there are a lot of commotion into functional languages but i felt that to understand the “Art” of programming requires one to understand all languages to get a clear and big picture that would open up one’s mind to the possibilities of their creativity.

I hope to talk more about what causes the creativity of the code to decline in one of my next articles, hopefully.

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